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I had a blast at WriterCon UK in Coventry! I managed to persuade Col K to come too and so we both had a huge amount of fun. ”ReportCollapse )
Many, many thanks to the Committee for all their hard work in organising and arranging “The Event” and to everyone present for providing a fascinating, friendly and fun-filled weekend, I can’t recommend it enough.

WriterCon UK

Here we are, (We being Col. K and I) in lovely Coventry at the Ramada, enjoying WriterCon. This morning after an excellent breakfast we had talks on Music in fandom, Prompts and "The importance of Research" illustrated by some massive howlers! Coffee break came with hot pastries.

O.M.G. - The Multiverse is REAL!!!!

AU fans step up!
Research to be posted in "Physical Review" using data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe looking at the Cosmic Microwave Background (from the Big bang) appears to offer evidence that other Universe do exist.

link here

The bit that blows my little mind is this ...
"They're born close together - that's when the collision happens - and this same inflation happens between the bubbles. They're being hurled apart and space-time is expanding faster than light between them."
Wow. Just ...wow!
Space is officially stranger than I can imagine!

Also WriterCon here we come! 2 days to gooooo!

Oh dear ...

She didn't get it.
A very nicely worded email arrived on Friday, letting serena_inverse know that she hadn't got the job. She's coping quite well but now she's questioning whether it was the brain!flail moment or her overrun on completing the abstract that cost her.
*Sighs* She turned to me and said "I'm smart, aren't I?"
I cannot speak of my revulsion for a system that leaves bright, capable young people like this. Much is made of our need to work longer, pay more and get smaller pensions-but what if you can't even get on the ladder? She's not earning enough to pay off her student loan, or accrue anything other than the basic state pension. Plus it's unbelievable that British Employers are saying that they can't find British people to employ so they're taking on immigrants. Nothing to do with the fact that they can pay less, oh no.
Thanks to all of you who offered support. Between that and the amount of prayer going on, she ought to have waltzed it.


Well, she did the interview. Turns out the "publishing company" is a two man effort in an Industrial Unit over in Pompey.serena_inverse went over with Colonel K in the morning. She told us that they asked her to talk about her background and she went into brain!flail mode, muttering things like "Science! I'm good at Science, I have a degree in Science! Writing! I like writing..." It kind of went downhill from there.
She was then asked to produce an abstract of a seven page scientific paper and overran her time limit. Probably she was trying too hard too "craft" it beautifully.
Anyway she came back a fairly unhappy bear and we have to the end of the week before they "let her know". They were interviewing one person per day so she was on her own.
We've told her to look on it as a useful experience. *winces*

Shame, because even though it didn't pay much- a six-month internship writing scientific abstracts for a small enough company that she could try everything would have looked good on her CV and it would have got her off the damn fish counter at Asda.
Many Thanks to those of you who crossed fingers and otherwise offered karmic support.
Also:we didn't win the Euro Millions either.
We did go to the planetarium at Intech (near Winchester) and listened to a fascinating lecture on "Astrobiology" by Dr Lewis Dartnell of UCL. Pretty good stuff with up to date info on quite a lot of new science. Clever to look at terrestrial extremophiles as a possible "example" of exotic life forms. He took rock-dwelling bacteria from Antarctic "dry valleys" (pretty much zero available water)as a potential simulacra of Martian life forms. Then exposed them to the type of cosmic radiation barrage that Mars (with no magnetosphere to speak of and a very attenuated atmosphere) experiences. Turns out that they don't much like those conditions.
The lecture was followed by a super show using the planetarium to demonstrate where the Hubble Deep space image came from and where a new telescope will be looking along the spiral arm of our galaxy for the presence of "Earth-type" planets that are "wet and warm" as Dr. Dartnell put it. Then we did a quick tour of the radio bubble (the extent to which our radio and radar signals will have penetrated the local star cluster,)and the rest of the known Universe.
Not bad for an evening out, eh?
Also: WriterCon in 23 days!

OMG. OMG! Squeeeeeees!

serena_inverse has a job interview on Tuesday!!!!

This may not seem like much, but it's TWO YEARS since she graduated from Oxford with a 2:1 Hons in Science. This will be her second job interview...
She has applied for so many jobs and most of the time she doesn't hear back from them at all.

Please light candles, say prayers, send positive karma, cross your fingers or whatever it is you do to implore the Universe to play nice. She really needs to get this. Two years on the fish counter at Asda is not anyone's job of choice, nor has it done anything for her self-confidence/ esteem.

She needs to get on with her life, not sit around waiting for it to start.
Please, pleasepleaseplease...

To Keswick and beyond...

Okay so that doesn't quite have the ring of Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase. After a stop off in Manchester with my brother and sister-in-law, a smashing Indian meal courtesy of my other sister-in-law and much nattering by us girls whilst the boys played with computers, we pushed off after Saturday lunch to the Lakes.
And ran smack into a traffic jam at J9 of the M60. When we reached the front of it there was a mobile home jackknifed off it's trailer across three lanes. Unfortunately there was also a pile up of cars with Firemen pulling tarps over, presumably to protect the poor souls trapped inside. Colonel K pointed out that had we left Urmston on time rather than our normal shambolic sorting-ourselves-out at least half an hour later than we'd planned, we could have been stuck in that.
We headed North through various forms of wetness, from the Gaelic "fine soft day" to the full-on deluge, until we reached Kendal when a little patch of blue appeared. Suddenly the whole sky cleared, the sun shone down, I got out my sunglasses-and it all went away again. WE arrived in Keswick around 4:30 in drizzle to collect keys and find our new (temporary) home,
It's rather nice, very spacious and quite close to shops and other useful amenities-like the Pencil Museum.
No, really ...

Torn ligaments, pills and pencils!

Here we are again.
Quick post to keep up with stuff. Last week I went to Gym class to keep fit and the nagging little ache at the back of my knee became the full on "OMG! What did I just do to myself?" as I fell over and nearly passed out from the twanging going on in the back of my knee. I'm improving in my dotage-I didn't even think about trying to drive home, but summoned Colonel K with a sprog to drive my Fiesta home. Next morning the Quack tries to twist my foot off and tells me I have just damaged one of the ligaments at the back of my knee.
So then I hobble round with a walking stick for a couple of days, before winding up with a curious limp as I walk about. Still taking the anti-inflammatories and trying to be gentle with the knee.
And best of all-we're off to the Lake District for a week on Friday. Yours truly will NOT be doing any Fell walking, that's for sure, although the way the weather looks that wouldn't have been on the cards anyway.
After three visits to Ambleside we're moving North to Keswick this time, renting an apartment in the town itself. A first floor apartment. Stairs...oh goody! (We live in a bungalow so that hasn't been a problem, except at work where I have hauled myself up the stairwell by main force.)
Keswick is a lovely little market town with an Old Moot hall at the top, the most wonderful little jewellery shop, a sweet shop to die for (they also sell local pickles and preserves...) a Gun/Fishing/Toy shop for the boys and of course, the Pencil Museum. Actually it's quite fascinating, but we tend to joke about it because of the name.
Since we're taking enough technology to launch the Shuttle, I shall try to post from there, including piccies!
Waves to you all!
Hello LJ World, I'm sort of back!
After problems with a change of ISP who very thoughtfully decided to filter *all* of my emails as spam, I think everything is working as it should. *Fingers crossed*
I have been lurking around but not doing much more than commenting here and there.So I thought I would do a bit of an update.
Maunderings under hereCollapse )
So, we're going to Writer Con in August and I hope to see all the good folks I met there two years ago. I shall post a bit more later but now I'm back,but here are some pretties for you. Read the tags, Gentles.
Meet Errol, our garden dragon. He's quite shy but is peeping out from the roses here...


and finally,a lovely rose for you all!


Help! *flails*

We've changed ISP's. I changed to the new address in my profile and I have clicked "send validation email" till I'm blue in the face-nothing is coming through!
HELP! My LJ is broken!!!!
*makes pouty face*
Can anyone help.It's not in the spam filters.




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